A Solution Team is a group of young leaders working together, to develop and present a solution as part of the Youth-Led Solutions process.

Solutions can be new ideas (incubate, experiment, test) or existing solutions (expand, adapt, evolve, scale). Innovation is widely encouraged.

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Age 15 to 35 years old, a minimum of six people regardless of geographical boundaries, with experience, or interest, in climate action, environment, conservation, green jobs, or related topic



Grow and learn about the climate crisis and your regional context, explore potential solutions and develop skills to create and implement a climate action
project in a solution team with other young people.


  • Compete for seed funding to help turn your solution into a reality

  • Grow your understanding of the climate crisis

  • Make an impact and create change in your local community

  • Connect with peers around the world and receive support from a leadership coach to help your solution team develop your project

  • Access to industry experts, panellists and speakers

Cold Mountians


Interested? Great! Before jumping in - read the full process and commitment information.


Decide if you want to join as an individual, or put together your own Solution Team. Team participation is essential, so if you join as an individual, you will be matched into a team.


Connect with your YMCA regional body/Area Alliance to put yourself, or your team forward. Joining criteria may vary by continent. See a full list of who to contact here.


If accepted, you will enter into an induction process, with access to regional resources, Solution Team Coach. You may also be eligible for initial seed funding at this stage.


The Summit. Two weeks of regional events, self-guided learning, and two inaugural live events will connect Solution teams around the world between 12-23 October. Information about further seed funding rounds will be made available.


Frequently Asked Questions


When will registration open? What information do I need to have ready?

Registration is open throughout September. Your YMCA Area Alliance will register you, so you will only need your contact information, whether you have an existing solution or are developing a new idea, and share any initial thoughts. It’s simple!

If I am not planning on joining a solution team, can I still get involved?

Yes! You can support as a Leadership Coach to a Solution Team if you have experience in environment, climate change, sustainability or leading projects (this will be available on the website soon!) or attend the public portions of the Summit on October 19 and October 23. Email for more information, or sign-up for updates.

What is the schedule like for the event?

This event is a bit different than others you might have attended. If you are part of a Solution Team, you will participate in a Preparation Week (October 12-16) with your region/YMCA Area Alliance (live connections to be announced) and then the Solution Week (October 19-23) with your peers from around the world. The live portions of the event are Monday 19 and Friday 23 October, but you will have access to pre-recorded content in between the live events. If you are not part of a solution team, you are invited to join the journey during our live events on October 19 and 23. Please see more details on our Summit schedule.

What type of information/content will be available?

During the Preparation Week (October 12-16), you will share and learn about the regional context of the climate crisis and have access to pre-recorded learning around relevant topics. During the Solution Week (October 19-23), you will have access to pre-recorded skills development webinars such as public speaking, design thinking, and special broadcast live Summit events on 19 and 23 October, as well as much more

Solution Teams

I do not have a team. Can I still participate?

Yes. Please reach out to the listed YMCA contact for your region to see if there are other teams being formed that you can join. If there are not, you can bring your friends from outside of YMCA to join you in forming a team. Remember, a team is at least 6 people.

Okay, I have a group of friends who will be on my team. What’s next?

Excellent! Check out the process to see what next steps are. We will also share more guidance on Solution Team meetings.

What if my team is not all from the same YMCA? Or not from a YMCA at all?

That's absolutely fine, you are not limited by geographical boundaries, and no former YMCA connection is required! As long as you are committing to work on a solution together (it can be the same solution, but in different areas!), you can follow the same process as the Solution Teams. If you are all from the same region, reach out to the lead person from your region.

Who can I talk to about joining a Solution Team?

You can see who the lead person for your region here. You can email them directly and ask if there are solution teams already being formed.

How do I know if my YMCA is participating?

You can either contact your local YMCA or the lead person for your region. You can email them directly and ask if there is a Solution Team already being formed.

What is the time commitment?

That is a great question! This is not your typical event - please read the commitment and process carefully. If you participate on a Solution Team, you will work for two weeks (October 12-23) to develop your team’s solution and then implement it for 3-6 months after.


I have some questions and need support. Who do I talk to?

If you know who your regional lead is, you can contact them. Otherwise, you can email

What can I do to support a Solution Team(s)?

If you are a local/national YMCA, there are lots of things you can do! You can: - Help young leaders form Solution Teams by connecting them with each other - Identify Leadership Coaches to support them (more details coming soon) - Help with access to the internet to participate - Connect with existing resources around environment/climate - Organise check-ins with local solution teams - Elevate stories of impact

Seed funding

Will every Solution Team get seed funding?

Every solution team is eligible to apply for seed funding, but funds are limited and subject to a criteria that will be published at a later date.

How big are the seed funding prizes?

This information is coming soon! Fundraising is still pending, but we will announce amounts when we are closer to the date. There will be multiple levels of seed funding depending on how the solution scores against the criteria.

I want to contribute towards seed funding for solutions to address the climate crisis.

Thank you! Email to discuss partnership opportunities.



The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are a call for action by all countries to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. They recognize that ending poverty must go hand-in-hand with strategies that build economic growth and address a range of social needs including education, health, social protection, and job opportunities while tackling climate change and environmental protection.



Goal 13 calls for urgent action to address the climate emergency and its impacts. It is linked to all 16 of the other Goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.




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