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By joining the Youth-Led Solutions initiative, you commit to:

  • Working and collaborating as part of a Solution Team to launch a project related to climate action, one of your team will need to act as the lead.

  • Lead education and advocacy efforts around climate action in your local community.

  • Advance YMCA’s collective impact with the United Nations.

  • Attend virtual, or in-person meetings with your Solution Team.

  • Join live sessions and listen to pre-recorded workshops on your own time.

  • Participate actively in the live virtual Summit: 12 - 23 October.

  • Attend virtual launch events on Monday 19 and Friday 23 October.

  • Submit a project proposal to be considered for seed funding.

  • Follow any reporting guidelines set by your partners, Area Alliance or YMCA.

  • Share stories of the impact of your project.

  • Optional: take additional courses offered by the University of San Francisco.

Get some inspiration of Climate Action solutions being led by young people right now.

So, you've assembled your Solution Team. Now, begin to brainstorm issues related to Sustainable Development Goal #13: Climate Action (and other environmental indicators across all SDGs) that your Solution Team is passionate about.


You may have a project that you are looking to evolve or expand, a tried and tested solution.


Or, you might come up with a brand new idea! The October Summit will provide opportunities for both new ideas and for existing solutions that have the potential to grow.

There will be guidance available on potential ideas, things to think about or types of projects your solution team might consider.





+ 3-6 months

  • Recruit your own Solution Team members.
  • Registration opens through YMCA Area Alliances (closes 30 Sept).
  • Familiarise yourself with the Youth-Led Solution process.
  • Recruitment of Team Coaches.
  • Learning resources become available online.
  • 12-16 October: Regional Preparation Week
  • 19-23 October: Global Solutions Week, solutions submission for seed funding.
  • 19 October, 4pm-6pm CEST, Youth-Led Solutions Summit LIVE
  • 23 October, 4pm-6pm CEST, Youth-Led Solutions Summit LIVE
  • Seed funding winners announced.
  • Solutions implimented, follow-up monitoring, progress reporting and solution sustainability secured.


Aerial Forest

Identify your Solution Team leader

This person will make sure your team is on track and connected to the support they need. Each solution team will also have access to a leadership coach, who will support them in developing their project.

Snowy Mountains

12 - 16 October: Regional Preparation Week

  • Now, intensify discussions, planning and meetings among your Solution Team.

  • During the Preparation week you will be able to access pre-recorded content and materials from experts to build your knowledge and understanding.

  • There will also be opportunities to connect with other solution teams in your country and region (YMCA Area Alliance in your region will coordinate this).

Rocky Mountains

19-23 October: Global Solutions Week

  • Attend the live opening event on Monday 19 October (available in English, Spanish and French).

  • Continue to meet and brainstorm your solution with support from your region coordinators and your leadership coach as needed. There will be guidance for the meetings.

  • Utilise pre-recorded workshops and seminars to develop your skills.

  • Develop an action plan for your solution so your team can be eligible to compete for seed funding. More information will be shared on the deadline to turn in your solution proposal.

  • Compete for seed funding to implement your solution.

  • Attend a live launch event on Friday 23 October (available in English, Spanish and French).

  • Implement your solution!


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